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Dragon Ball FighterZ is a fighting action game produced by Arc System Works. The game was developed on multiple platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and officially launched in 2018. Regarding the plot, the game revolves around the journey of the main character Goku with the task of rescuing the Android team from the hands of a traitor, Android 21. On the fantasy planet, Goku possesses great power and magic ability to move miraculously. Accompanying him in this dangerous journey is Krillin. The enemies they have to defeat are Cell, Android 21, and their minions. The game ends after all Android is rescued, and Android 21 is destroyed.

In terms of gameplay, players will control Goku to complete his mission. Before starting the battle, they are instructed on how to control the character and how to attack. The player must pass many levels with increasing difficulty. They can choose the rear terrain according to their preferences. In a horizontal scrolling match, the player will move left, right, jump high or crouch to dodge and perform attacks on the enemy. They will observe their stamina and energy and opponents at the corner of the screen. This will help them come up with the right tactics at the end of the match. Each character possesses a unique special skill. This skill is activated when their energy bar is filled. This skill deals massive damage and stuns the enemy. A special feature of the game is the “Come on Shenron” feature. In the fight with some special monsters, players will receive one or more dragon balls randomly. Collect all 7 dragon balls will bring the right to help them when facing strong enemies. Activating 7 dragon balls makes the player summon a hero to support him until the game is over. If they were killed in a battle with the enemy, then they had to restart that match and extend the duration of the journey. The biggest difficulty players have to face is fighting the final enemy: the fusion of Cell and Android 21. With combat experience and help from Krillin, they will defeat the enemy and complete the task affair.

The appeal of the game comes from flexible gameplay and beautiful graphics. Players can experience the top-notch fighting games from an aerial view. Besides, skill effects also leave many impressions during their journey.

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