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Cuphead is an action-adventure game developed and released by StudioMDHR in 2017. The game is available on multiple platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Xbox, MacOS, and Nintendo Switch.
Regarding the plot, the game involves the journey of Cuphead and his brother Mugman. Unexpected incidents came to them when they accidentally entered the casino. Cuphead and Mugman won the first game and decided to continue the next game. However, the results were different from what they had anticipated, and they had to follow the requirements of the casino owner’s contract so that they would not be penalized. Their mission was to go to the required locations with the goal of collecting money. They realized many unreasonable points in the contract and decided against the casino owner. However, there are also many new dangers and challenges lurking in Cuphead and Mugman’s risky decision.
Players will play the role of Cuphead during the journey. He is armed with a gun in the palm of his hand with great damage. The first stage Cuphead goes to is the forest connecting the city with the small residential areas. He faces enemies who are strangely shaped animals and traps from poisonous mushrooms and cannibal flowers. By taking advantage of the rocks flying in the air, Cuphead escapes the trap and attacks the enemy with the available gun. The enemy not only appeared on the ground but also attacked him suddenly from the sky. If Cuphead falls into traps or dies from colliding with a weapon from an enemy, he must restart the phase. New bonuses and weapons are Cuphead’s items collected after destroying all enemies. The challenge at the end of the forest that Cuphead faces is a giant monster with great strength. With flexible mobility and high jumping ability, he will find the weak points of monsters and defeat them to continue the journey. Cuphead and his comrades returned to fight the casino owner after the monsters in the forest were destroyed. This final battle requires flexible reflexes and agile movement from both characters. They will use their battle experience throughout the journey to destroy the last enemy and return to the house safely.
Regarding graphics, the game uses beautiful graphics. The scenery of the forest and monsters are displayed sharply through vivid colors. In addition, funny sounds and flexible gameplay bring a high entertainment experience to the players.

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