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Persona 4: Dancing All Night kept me entranced on my PS Vita like an idol in concert. Between perfecting rhythmic routines to memorable Persona tracks and listening to remixed favorites, I found myself pulled into a surprisingly long and delightful story. It reunited the Investigation Team with Rise for another supernatural mystery involving missing idols and a haunting website. This time, instead of battling shadows with their powers, they had to charm enemies through dance in a new “Midnight Stage” world.

At first, the story’s start seemed a bit stale, focusing too much on familiar relationship drama. But it grew into an engaging 12.5-hour narrative, especially thanks to heartwarming side stories like Nanako’s dance debut alongside star Kanami. Together with detective Dojima, they did most of the sleuthing to solve the case. As for the Investigation Team, exploring the stage and bantering with each other was enjoyable.

Visuals truly brought the tale to life. Vibrant artwork accompanied every voiced line of dialogue (though some English voice actors differed). Rhythm stages looked stunning, highlighting each idol’s stylish moves. Remixes of classic Persona tunes kept me engaged, even if some were familiar. Challenging rhythms on higher difficulties tested my skills.

The gameplay left me wanting more feedback. The scoring system offered vague “Good, Great, Perfect” ratings instead of clear marks on my performance. Still, the Free Dance mode let me modify songs to find that extra challenge. Overall, Dancing All Night proved bonds can overcome anything – even capturing souls through song. Its heartfelt story and catchy remixes still have me dancing long after the final curtain fell. Fans of the franchise or rhythm games should dive into this delightful spin-off at ROMsdl.NET today!

  • Please use the Vita3K emulator to run this ROM (Supported Windows/ macOS/ Linux và Mobile).
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Persona 4 - Dancing All Night (PCSE00764) (NTSC) 3.19 G NoNpDRM

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