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Discover Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z’s Power on Your PS Vita

In “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z,” an action-packed fighting game that pushes the limits of both cooperative and competitive play, be ready to harness the explosive force of the Dragon Ball world. Experience the excitement of the legendary 2013 movie “Battle of Gods,” featuring Goku’s transformation into a Super Saiyan God, the unbreakable Beerus, and the perceptive Whis, all making their ground-breaking video game debuts.

Experience a combat revolution in this team fighting spectacular with up to eight players and dive into the excitement. Bid farewell to single-console gaming; “Battle of Z” is all about attaining the best possible gameplay and graphics, only available in full screen for each participant. With a cast of more than 70 characters, the fights explode off the screen, pitting mighty opponents against devoted followers in epic showdowns.

Fans who preorder can look forward to receiving Super Vegito and Super Saiyan Bardock as special DLC characters, which will amp up your fighting skills. Excitement is increased by a special code for Goku in his Naruto Sage Mode outfit in the Day 1 Edition.

The heart of the game is in its team combat, where coordination and tactics are crucial. By using the Genki Gauge to share your energy with allies, you can unleash powerful ultimate assaults. To keep the action going nonstop, use Synchro Rush to carry out coordinated attacks, Meteor Chain to create explosive combinations, and even Revive Allies in the middle of a fight.

Uniqueness is crucial in “Battle of Z.” Using the cutting-edge feature system, you can fine-tune your fighters by giving them strong ability and customisation cards. Adapt your warrior’s abilities to your preferred method of combat, bringing out their inherent advantages or mitigating their disadvantages.

“Battle of Z” offers modes to fit every playstyle, from the intense Single Missions to the cooperative Co-op Battles and the variety-packed Battle Modes. Take part in Dragon Ball Grab challenges, fight royals, and score battles while having the flexibility of ad hoc and internet connections.

Download “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z” in VPK format from ROMsdl.NET to enjoy the best possible gaming experience on the Vita3K Emulator. In Dragon Ball Z’s world, get ready for war, plan with allies, and overcome any obstacle that stands in your path.

  • Please use the Vita3K emulator to run this ROM (Supported Windows/ macOS/ Linux và Mobile).
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