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Unveil the notorious world of crime and chaos with “Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy.” A treasure trove of the third era’s quintessential GTA titles, this compilation brings Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas into one groundbreaking bundle. Originally launched for PlayStation 2 in 2006 and re-released for PlayStation 3 in 2015, this collection is more than just games; it’s a rollercoaster through criminal underbellies across different timelines and fictitious cities.

While GTA III plunges you into the dark recesses of Liberty City’s underworld, featuring over 80 gang-centric missions, GTA: Vice City catapults you back to the cocaine-fueled glamour of the mid-1980s. Step into the pastel suits of Tommy Vercetti, a man freshly out of prison and already ensnared in the machinations of mobsters, corrupt politicians, and lowlifes. If that’s not enough, prepare for the poignant narrative of GTA: San Andreas. As Carl Johnson, you’ll return to a Los Santos ripped apart by gangs and corruption, seeking vengeance and perhaps redemption, all to the tune of an era-defining soundtrack.

This Trilogy was also an uncanny solution to the controversial “Hot Coffee” mod debacle, that forced GTA: San Andreas off the shelves. The compilation offers not just games, but cultural snapshots, depicting everything from power dynamics to fashion choices, all set against the backdrop of open-world anarchy. Hijack cars, choose from a lethal arsenal, and navigate a world teeming with self-absorbed pedestrians—all while listening to a captivating array of eight radio stations.

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