Pokémon HeartGold Version ROM Description

Pokémon HeartGold Version brings players back to the Johto region for an all-new adventure. As a new Trainer setting off from New Bark Town, you’ll encounter familiar faces like Professor Elm and your rival as you aim to become the Pokémon Champion. But new challenges await as well, like encountering Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh and battling the nefarious Team Rocket across Johto and Kanto.

With upgraded graphics and sounds for the Nintendo DS, HeartGold Version breathtakingly recreates the environments of Johto and Kanto from the original Game Boy Color games. See cities like Goldenrod and Ecruteak in vibrant detail as you explore both regions. And with the Pokéwalker accessory, you can take your journey even further by transferring a Pokémon from your party to walk with you in the real world.

One classic Pokémon that’s made its return is the Dragon-type Togepi. This rare egg Pokémon can now be obtained early on your journey from Professor Elm’s assistant. Be sure to add it to your team – its evolutions Togetic and Togekiss are powerful allies to have. Another new feature lets all 493 Pokémon follow you outside of battle, just like Yellow Version’s Pikachu. It’s heartwarming to bond with your Pokémon team as you travel across Johto together.

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