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Plumbing Heaven: Explore the New Super Mario Bros.

Do you have a need for some classic Mario games? Play New Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo DS to take a trip back in time to the good old days. This side-scrolling platformer offers a nostalgic yet novel take on the venerable brand by skillfully fusing vintage 2D gameplay with contemporary 3D visuals. Play as Mario or Luigi to combat evil foes both old and new as you hop, smash, and power-up your way through over 80 vibrant levels spread over 8 planets.

Step, leap, and run as if it’s 1985! Power-ups like Mega Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, and Blue Shells combine with conventional techniques like wall leaps, triple jumps, and ground pounds. Take on enemies as Ice Mario, go on the rampage as Giant Mario, or use Mini Mario to navigate small passages. The objective is still the same: defeat Goombas and Koopas, collect money, destroy blocks, and get to the finish flag. Simple to learn, difficult to master!

The captivating 2D stages are full with mysteries. To access additional worlds, find secret passageways and collect three elusive Star Coins for each level. You may break your own time trial records or enjoy replay value with cooperative and competitive multiplayer options. Irresistible Mario charm, new gameplay, and crisp controls make New Super Mario Bros. an engaging game for hours on end.

Don’t overlook this crucial DS item! The iconic platforming gameplay that the franchise pioneered is brought back to life in New Super Mario Bros. Come play run-and-jump games with Mario and Luigi as if it’s the 1980s all over again. Experience Mario perfection on your computer or mobile device by downloading the New Super Mario Bros. ROM from ROMsdl.NET right now!

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